Thanks for stopping by our Little River Railroad Museum here in Townsend this week. I enjoyed our conversation and hope to see photos. Your shots of the 1225 engine are great.
Sherry McKenzie(non-registered)
Awesome! So many great shots, but I do have three favorites!! The first one of stones in the river (reminds me of a Monet painting), the Lower Tahquamenon falls (you can almost feel the motion of the water), and the South Haven lighthouse with the long light reflections in the water - stunning! You are truly gifted Mike.
Reid G(non-registered)
Excellent folio! Enjoyed all of the images. Stunning shots. I like the way that each photo captures multiple sensations: light, shadow, contrast, motion, silence. One can almost feel the biting cold and hear the hushed quiet of the winter shots. Or listen to the water rushing over the stones, at the base of the waterfall, or crashing against the breakers. Remarkable work.
Matthew Cook(non-registered)
A fine portfolio of carefully composed and executed images; I especially enjoyed your lighthouses basking in beautiful light!
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