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This collection of images includes waterfalls, both big and small, taken at a variety of locations in the United States.

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Wagner Falls, MichiganMosquito Falls, MichiganMosquito Falls, MichiganMosquito Falls, MichiganCataract Falls, Smoky MountainsCataract Falls, Smokey MountainsScott Falls, MichiganLower Tahquamenon Falls, MichiganMiner's Falls, MichiganChittenago Falls, New YorkGrotto Falls, Smoky Mountains National ParkLaurel Falls, Smoky Mountains National ParkRunning Eagle Falls, Glacier National ParkMiner's Beach Waterfall, MichiganChapel FallsChittenago Falls, New YorkLaurel FallsCumberland FallsGrotto FallsGrotto Falls